Home Security

Home Security

A safe home is a good home. The sense of security is a great one which allows us to feel at home and at peace and free to be ourselves. Sadly the world is an unsafe place with all kind of people with all kinds of thoughts and all kinds of foul mindsets. It is your duty to secure your home from any harm. Heres a few tips to secure your homes from harm and intrusion:

  1. Get a dog

Get yourself a watchdog to guard your house at all hours. Preferably a labrador or Pitbull for the fear they instill. But any other dog will do just fine.

2. Be smart about who you let into your homes

Never allow strangers into your home, keep all persons you do not know outside. If they knock asking for items keep them out and bring it to them, rather than let them into your compound. Also, refrain from opening the gate to strangers who knock and rather talk to them through the closed gates.

3. Always make sure hedges and bushes are well trimmed

Keep bushes and hedges low and well trimmed to prevent assailants from hiding behind them to cause you harm.

4.Install a home security/alarm system

Install security alarms in your home especially inside your house. There are alarms that can be placed on doors so they go off when the doors are opened forcefully. Find out more about alarm systems and get the one that suits you most.

5. Get to know your neighbors

Interact and build friendships with your neighbors, so in the case of any trouble with just a shout or scream, they can come running to help.

6. Make sure your doors and windows are locked.

Lock all doors and windows at night and during the day when the house is empty. These are the main access points for robbers to get into your rooms. Lock them up before going out and before you sleep.

7. Hire Security personnel

Hire watchmen and security guards to keep you safe at night and at all times.

Stay safe, always keep the number for the police and fire service in your head in case of any emergencies. 191(toll-free) for the police, 192(toll-free) for the fire service and 18555 for MTN and Vodafone.


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